Thanks Brooke for that awesome looking and delicious cake for breakfast!!!

Brooke is great,
gives us Globe Theater cake!!!



  1. Brooke Bologna

    ahahaa! You are very welcome! I wasn't prepared for a photo shoot though… ;-DIf anyone is interested in making the cake for themselves all you have to do is:~ get 2 boxes of your favorite cake mix~ one can of chocolate frosting (for roof) and one of vanilla frosting (for sides)~ about 3 bars of hershey chocolate (for roof and windows)~ twizler pull and peel candy (unfortunately they seem to only come in cherry flavor). (for lines on walls around theater)~ picture of globe theater to look at while decorating.~ bundt cake pan & loaf pan.It doesn't matter if sides of bundt pan are smooth or not because the frosting will cover it up, but it is better to have a taller one so you can add more candy detail (the one i made for class was too short for more detail 😦 )This may take a couple of tries, but basically make a cake in each of the bundt and loaf pans. then AFTER COOLED cut in half, or take two slices (depending on size), from loaf and arrange it on the side of the bundt cake (you may need toothpicks to connect them). then decorate!you may also want to use less batter in the loaf pan (generally each box of mix makes two loafs anyway) and put more of it in the bundt pan to make it larger, which would change cooking times… have fun!!!


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