Blog Evaluation

Looking back at my blog posts, I have been all over the place. My first blog post (my first blog post ever, actually) was based on something that I feel that I know more about than Shakespeare: early childhood education. I thought that I could combine the two together to come up with something more substantial (how A Midsummer Night’s Dream can be taught to children in a variety of ways), and I think I could have if I thought more about it and expanded the idea, but I was lacking the textual (or any kind of) evidence that’s needed. I seemed to fulfill that requirement in my second blog post about language in Much Ado About Nothing, citing some examples, but still probably fell a little short in taking my idea and lengthening it to include more. My third post on Emilia in Othello proved to have the same problem. I just didn’t learn my lesson, obviously. I’m hoping that in my future blog posts, I provide enough information and insight into my main idea.

I think that the blog posts are a great way to give some students who just don’t like the speak up in class unless called on (like myself) a way to discuss the material. I like reading others’ blog posts and reading their ideas that we may not have touched on in class. I also like taking an idea that we had in class and expanding it into a blog post. I enjoy including pictures and video, something that we couldn’t do in class. I think that the blogging assignments are structured enough to show that we are understanding the text but informal and personal enough that we are encouraged to write in our own style.


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