Thoughts on Hamlet

While reading the first act of Hamlet, I was really thinking about the connections between Hamlet and Richard III; most notably the similarities between King Claudius and King Richard III. They are both the villains in their plays, respectively, and both use a combination of violence and primogeniture to their advantage while reaching for the throne. However, what intrigued me the most about these two characters was the act they put on for those around them – they are merely actors orchestrating their way to the top. While I was reading Act I Scene II, I couldn’t help but think that Claudius’ dialogue with Hamlet was his way of showing his false giving of what should be fatherly advice. I think that this can parallel Richard’s character in many ways, including his wooing of Lady Anne. These two men are able to put up fronts and act in a civilized manner when surrounded by those who matter, but behind the scenes they are ruthless and hungry for power. Of course, we are still early in the play, so it should be interesting to see if Claudius is able to keep up with his acting.


One thought on “Thoughts on Hamlet

  1. Melissa89

    I have to agree with your post. I also took away from reading the fist act of Hamlet that Claudius and Richard III are very much similar in character. They both try to act so innocent but they cant be mistaken by us as the reader as being a villian. I liked how you brought up the point about both Richard III and Claudius being able to act in a civilized manner around the people who matter but behind everyones back they are only out for themseves and won't stop until they get what they want.


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