The Subplot

Reading through Act 1 of this play deffinitely had a lot of things going on at once. My attention was drawn right to the subplot in Act 1 secene 2. I was laughing because they would make jokes about sexually transmitted diseases and make comments about hookers. You would hear these kind of things talked amongst most guys today as well. In the begining of the scene they are seen talking about a good ampount of issues that could possbly be linked throughout the play. The first issue they bring up is stealing.
1.2 7-15Lucio: Thou concludest like the sanctimonious pirate that went to sea with the Ten Commandments, but scraped one out of the table. Second Gentleman: ‘Thou shaly not steal’? Lucio: Ay, that he razed. First Gentleman: Why, ’twas a commandment to command the captain and all the rest from their functions: they put forth to steal. There’s not a soldier of us all that in the Thanksgiving before meat do relish the petition well that prays for peace.
I believe they make fun of religious acts and this shows the people of Vienna may follow the law ifront of authorities but have no consent amongst themselves. Further more when Pompey and Mistress Overdone are conversing we see that houses ar being torn down.
1.2 78 Pompey: All houses in the suburbs of Vienna must be lucked down.
Clearly we see the people of Vienna have a rude awakening when Angelo becomes the Duke. I am unclear why these houses are all being torn down my guess is Angelo is trying to “cleanse” the city fom all its sins. I do find it funny how Angelo is so focused on Claudo’s sin when the city has hookers running around.
The subplot gives us a real nice insight on what the people of Vienna are dealing with. We can see their thoughts and ideas about such religious ideas and what sins are being committed. I am very interested to know what else will go on further along in the play. I just wanted to point out the subplot gives some good foreshadowing and possible important foundation issues from which the main plot stems off from.


One thought on “The Subplot

  1. Cyrus Mulready

    I really appreciate your attention to the subplot here, Michele, and particularly the comedy in these scenes. As we were discussing today, the laughter these scenes bring out are central to the "comedy" of the play. As we conclude our discussion next week, we'll want to think more about how the play is using these scenes and characters in relation to the main plot.


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