Claudio is the only character to remain in his constant belief throughout the whole play. He stands true to his belief that he has not committed a crime that is worth any punishment, especially that of execution. Claudio’s admittance to his crime, and the fact that he expresses he would do the same thing again illustrates his solidarity as a character: “Our natures do pursue, / Like rats that raven down their proper bane, / A thirst evil; and when we drink, we die” (1.2.108-10). Claudio knows that there is no stopping the sexuality between each other, which is why he chooses not to fight it. His hesitancy to talk about the subject with Lucio does show his acknowledgment for the law, no matter how unjust it may be, but never does he feel shame for his act as most would after being sentenced to death. His feelings of being an example are evident when he says, “Whether the tyranny be his place, / Or in his eminence that fills it up- / I Stagger in” (1.2.140-2). The most important note of his character is revealed in his demeanor to accept what he has done. His inclination to get his sister to help with pardoning him of the crime still highlights him as a stoic character because he never attempts to change what he has done or the traits of his character. He has a consistent acceptance for himself. Even as he becomes closer to his execution his demeanor stays the same: “The miserable have no other medicine / But only hope. / I’ve hope to live, and am prepared to die” (3.1.2-4). He has come to terms with the conditions of his life, and can only hope that the others can help his situation because he knows that it is out of his hands. Even as he comes closer to death his character stays the same. There are changes in the Duke, Angelo is inconsistent, and Isabella’s future is unclear. So, it seems that Claudio is one of the only characters to remain constant.


5 thoughts on “Claudio

  1. Jenn Mathias

    I would have to agree with you on this. I never thought about it much till I read your entry. Claudio really is the only constant character in the play. The only character whose "act" doesn't change or beliefs, as in Lucio's case. He is actually the one character who seems to be the most unbelievable to me for this reason. People are always changing roles depending on who they are around and this applies to today's world as well. With a person like Claudio, I feel like no one can believe that a person can really not change at all.

  2. AimeeL

    I also agree that Claudio is the only constant character of this play. He maintains that although he feels he did not err, he would do it again if he were released. Even virtuous Isabella does not remain constant; although she does stay with her innocence, she partakes in a deceitful scheme to save her brother and reveal Angelo's true nature. The cause may have been respectful, but it was still deceit.

  3. Meaghan Platania

    I have to agree with you on your points as well. I have been a fan of Claudio all along. He was the character that I felt myself feeling sorry for from the beginning, which is why at the end when he can continue on with his life, Juliet, and their new baby I was very happy. With every other character I found myself going back and forth with my feelings for them. I questioned the motives of Isabella, Angelo, and even Lucio all along, but I did not do this with Claudio.

  4. Steffi

    Claudio is probably the only person in the play that I feel bad for. You're right in him being able to stay constant as a person throughout the whole play, never denying what he had done and not taking it back either. It makes him very noble in that aspect. He acted purely on love for Juliet.

  5. chrisj122

    I'm not sure Claudio is constant though. Wasn't it he who had been ready to accept death so assuredly, only to retract and ask of his sister to bed with Angelo in an act of cowardice?


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