Necessity and ugency

In all honosty, my blog post were with written, for the most part, with extreme sense of urgency. All to often they I find my eyes shooting open in the middle of the night as I come to the startling realization that I have completely forgotten to post, I make no excuses. But this isn’t all bad, only mostly. Due to the manic and frantic state I’m most likley in when coming up with these posts, I find that they are my honest, first gut reaction to the story. Now for some, their first and honest reaction could be and intelligent and insightfull look into the world literature. For me, not so much as it usually boils down to what characters I like and how little I’m understanding the story (along with a plethora of typos and spelling errors). As illustrated by the post “Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness” I struggle with the launguage of Shakespeare. Jeff states that “I (Jeff) am constantly amazed at Shakespeare’s use of language and especially at his use of words. His ability to sew words and phrases together in such a fashion that they not only say somthing elegant and beautiful even on a superficial reading, but that the knitting of those words together often reveal meaning that is there or four layers deep. Yes, it can seem wordy, but that wordiness has and purpose and it’s not merely there to jack up the word count.” I actually agree with Jeff, Shakespeare is a phrase-smith of the highest caliber and I was by no means critizeing him for it. I was only trying to illustrate my personsal struggle with the language as I am no Shakespere expert by any stress of the imagination. My other posts “Ineffectual sympathetic villian?” and “The Dukes Dirty work” deal more with the things I, along with pretty much everyone else on the planet, find most interesting about Shakespeare, his characters. Whether it be Richard’s status as villian or hero or the true reason behing the Dukes seemingly eccentric actions, I enjoy speculating on these characters true natures. For some reason I seem to gravitate more towards the unsavory characters like Falstaff and his cowardice or Hotspur and his temper. They are much more interesting and relatable then say Isabella and her incorruptible pure purness. All in all I’d have to say that my previous bloging experiences have taught me that I simply have to try harder in the future, both at understanding the work and remembering to blog about it…oh and watch out for typos.


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