Reflection of My Posts

Reviewing my blogs was interesting. I find that with school work and outside life, I would not have gone back to look at my posts. I think of it as they are done now, there is nothing I can change and there is no reason for me to look back. I have other things to do.

What I found when looking back is that my first post seemed to be the longest and had a lot of analysis. Overall, I believe my posts are pretty good. They could be used as potential topics to write a paper about but I’d have to flesh them out and specify a little more. The point of the blog is to put our own ideas out there and see what our peers have to say about it. Do they agree or disagree? And why or why not? Therefore, I do not make a 4 page blog about the topic. Instead, I keep it simple and leave it open for discussion. I did find that while reading my posts, I try to add in a bunch of stuff from the play and try to connect beginning to middle to end and connect the characters.

I ask a lot of questions. In high school, I wrote terrible papers. I look back now and think, oh my! Now, I notice I sometimes ask a question in order to introduce a topic and I notice I ask questions in my blog posts. In my latest blog I asked “What if Richard sent them away to save himself?” and “Was this Richard’s way of saying he was dangerous as in taking over?” I think I use it to provoke thoughts for my self and/or for the person reading my post. In the first post, I even stated how I asked my self four questions while I was reading.

I do not have particular themes I write about. However, I do think I write about topics that may pertain to me and my life. My first post was titled “Hopeless Romantic” and I was labeled that by a past sociology professor. I also try to have an open-ended thought process that could potentially have different arguments.

I believe the one aspect of the blogging assignment I like most is that I get to read other students’ ideas and reflect on them. Many times I find I am learning something new, thinking about a certain part of the play in a new light, or like the name game, I am not the only one who gets lost. I also like that it’s a necessity to respond to other students’ posts because it makes us read them and find what posts we liked most. It is hard to comment if there isn’t much interest found in the post which makes us read more of them.


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