Blog Analysis

My blog posts generally focus on the human condition and what it is that makes us act in certain ways. The most intriguing thing to me is how these never change. We read Shakespeare and all the same issues still ring true: race, religion, love, and money. My posts have remained constant in this regard, and only deviate to make the comparisons that show how little we have evolved, if at all. These include the constance of Claudio’s character, the chaos present in The Merchant of Venice, and the comparison of the royal families to those of modern mafia connotations. These inferences that I have are based on my observations of the situations I encounter, but I do not mean for them to become as cynical as they seem. I just seem to think that we will forever be stuck in this rut which is surrounded by the same reoccurring issues, but this is what makes it so intriguing. We could study these ideas forever and I feel there would never be any progress. In a way, this is a demoralizing thought, but there will always be determination to figure it out through any means necessary. I definitely think that looking back at the posts I have done is useful because it allows me to see what my thought process has been and where it might go. I know it has not changed, and I do not see it changing, but it is still a very interesting to see. The reflections also help to identify myself with the characters and themes of literature that I would otherwise neglect. Trying to be insightful, open, and critical is a difficult thing to do because personal feelings almost always intrude and steer perceptions in a particular direction, but attempting to be attentive of my own thought process will hopefully allow me to be more open and expand my personal views. Plus, it is what we attempt to do every day, and exactly what Shakespeare writes about in every piece of work.


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