midterm blog

After re-reading my blog posts, I don’t think there has been a general topic I have blogged about. In my first blog, I wrote about racism and anti-semitism in the Merchant of Venice. I feel like this was my best post (considering my posts and responses). It was the one post I felt very strongly about and thought through the most. The idea of racism in Shakespeare’s works really intrigues me. I would enjoy looking deeper into his works to find more poems/plays that deal with this issue and see if after reading them I felt the same way I did while reading the Merchant of Venice.

I found that weekly blogging and commenting on others’ posts has made me better understand the plays that we have been reading. The posts allow for a more in depth look into the plays and help me to really focus on what we have been talking about in class. I find that if we discuss a topic in class and I don’t quite understand it, I can come here and surely find a post or a comment on a post that interprets the topic more clearly. I think the blog posts/comments are a great addition to the class, especially since most students need that extra help understanding Shakespeare’s works.


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