Taking a Look Back (so far)

Looking at my classmates’ posts, it seems that many have found a common thread among their three posts. After reading my blog posts as finished products on our class blog, I realized how different they are in comparison to each other. My first post was a gloss of the word “liveries” in several moments of Merchant of Venice (awkwardly titled “Babbling about Liveries”), my second was a personal reaction to the last two acts of Measure for Measure, and my most recent post was a sort of uncertain look into Prince Hal’s future in Henry IV. However, as different as they are on the blog, they all share one thing: my complete uncertainty while writing. Each time I go to write a blog post, my first thought is, “What the hell am I going to write about?” The most frustrating thing about posting blog entries is that, while I have many random, unrelated, brief thoughts/questions/concerns/predictions on all the plays we read, I always find it difficult to hone in on one topic that will last me 600 words. The bulk of my time spent on these blog entries is me sitting there with my prologue questions and class notes trying to sort through everything.

Another thing I noticed about my writing on the class blog is that, in my opinion, it’s getting worse. I think my first entry was my most interesting, and that’s probably because I was so stressed out and confused on what to write about. I think I can contribute this “devolution” of writing on my lack of connection with the history plays. Yes, they’re interesting, but I have a much harder time connecting with them, being able to really explore them, as I do with Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies. That being said, hopefully my writing will pick back up again with King Lear and Macbeth (one of my favorite plays).


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