Blogging on Blogging

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful and introspective reflections on the blogging assignment this week. I really enjoyed reading these posts and hearing about your experiences with the assignment. I assign the blog for two main reasons:

-I want to build and develop an intellectual community in our class–one in which we can learn from each other and our mutual experience with Shakespeare.

-I want reading, thinking, and writing about Shakespeare to be an integrated experience, and to help you all build your understanding of the text from this experience.

From the work that has been done so far this semester, and the writing on the blog this week, I think that we are certainly achieving these goals! I should emphasize, too, that this is a learning experience for me, as well. I learn a lot from reading your posts, and value the experience of seeing Shakespeare new again through your engagements with the text.

Thank you all–I look forward to reading your responses as we come to the end of our reading!


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