Final Part 2 video clip

I picked this video because I feel Shakespeare should be introduced to a younger age. This may be slightly too scary and raunchy for elementary school kids, but middle school kids would enjoy this. I thought it would be cool to share this video since a lot of us in the class are majoring in education. This cartoon video of Macbeth shows some main points to bring up in a class discussion. They take a lot of the language out and narrate it in modern english, but the words they leave in are important like “double trust.” Bringing up these parts of the play can strike up different conversations and engage the students more into a Shakespeare play.These days a lot of poeple look over Shakespeare and don’t appreciate the art he created for us. Some of us don’t understand it and choose to give up before trying. Videos like these can help a person grasp a concept a little better. A lot of students are visual learners, so instead of shoving a written play in their face, they can watch it in a video. How would an animated film be more appropriate for a classroom? I think it gives a bigger picture in a students mind and helps them understand the play better. I think this video touches on a lot of great points about the play and is a good example of how a tragedy is played out.


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