Midterm Blog

It was very interesting to analyze my own writing and ideas weeks after I realized them.  After revisiting my last three blogs, I noticed that each of them have a uniting similarity.  It is clear that each blog focuses on one specific idea in that week’s reading.   Instead of choosing a broad concept or a few points of interest, I narrow my writing to one passage or dialogue or character.  My first blog, “Shakespeare’s reoccurring “Debbie Downer” (regarding the first reading of The Merchant of Venice) focuses solely on Antonio’s sulking demeanor in 1.1.  In my second blog, “And in this corner” (regarding Taming of the Shrew), I chose to only concentrate on the quick and witty conversation between Katherine and Petruccio in 2.1.   In my last blog, “Finally a HAPPY woman in Richard II,” I draw my attention to the 3 women portrayed in the play and discuss their ultimate success or dismay.  I found that reading a blog with a narrow focus helps the reader to connect with the piece and your point of view.  This idea of a narrow focus is something that I will definitely continue to utilize while I continue with my blogging.
Though each of my blogs maintains a specific focus, I discovered something very interesting.  My first blog focuses on just one character, my second blog focuses on two characters, and my third blog focuses on three characters.  This was not planned at all.  I think this shows a nice progression of finding parallels between characters and expanding my scope of attention. 
Something else that I’ve noticed about my blogs is that I tend to draw paralells to other ideas that exist outside the world of the play.  For example, in my first blog I related Antonio’s “Debbie downer” attitude to Orsino and Romeo’s demeanors in Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet, respectively.  In my second blog I connect cat-and-mouse nature of Petruccio and Katherine to a modern day scenario at a local college bar.  As a reader, this helps me to create a more well rounded interpretation of the writing.  Being provided with more than one image is helpful and stimulating. 
From the first to last, I believe that my blogs have developed a personal style that is unique to Ally.  I really value the opportunity to express exactly how I feel about anything I read.  There are no strict guidelines as to what I write about or how to write about it.  In addition, I am able to engage in a dialogue with other classmates regarding my post.  It is always cool to see how others respond and react towards your personal opinions and creative, analytical thoughts.  I aim to write my posts in a non-pretentious way that welcomes comments, arguing, and questions.    


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