Midterm blog – themes

While rereading my blog posts from the start of the semester I have seen a recurring theme in my blogs, of how society views either an individual or a whole community. My blog posts range from how society views as well as how they react to the characters in Shakespeare’s plays. For example, in my first blog post I discussed how Shylock was treated for the sole reason that he was a Jew. This reaction to Shakespeare’s play has lead me to think that I am intrigued by the societal differences and similarities compared to Shakespeare’s time and the present.

In my second blog post I discuss familial bonds and what role they play in Henry IV, which I believe can be expounded upon if given more research and if we take in Shakespeare’s other plays in mind as well. I feel as if this is an important topic for Shakespeare as not only does he address familial bonds in his tetralogy but also inThe Merchant of Venice and in The Taming of the Shrew. For instance, I believe there is a lot of marginalization of the bond between Shylock and Jessica, how and why were they so distant from each other if Jessica had no one to look up to but her father her entire life? Could it be true that the opposite of the Freudian theory had taken place where instead of loving her father she loath him from the depths of her heart. What concerns me most is the how and why, rather than what happens in Shakespearean societies.

I find it significant importance to point out that I see a progression in my posts from generalized societal dilemma to rather specific problems in society. My posts range from general religious concerns of society to how, in Henry IV, Shakespeare places the bonds of family to the issue of life and death. In Henry IV, Bullingbrook and Mowbray stand up for their families and will not budge for the other as mercy and compassion become totally out of the question. They are chained to their familial bonds and see no other choice but to fight for their families honor and standing in society. This is an example of how the bond of blood directs people into their social standing and how this affects Shakespearean society. This also emphasizes on the differences of Shakespearean society and our current society and I feel there is much more to be said about this topic.


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