The distracting play inside a play

It is in my opinion that we can actually see in full detail how humorous the mechanicals are in this last scene of the play.  We find that they simply cannot tell the differences between assumed actions whilst performing a play and what needs to be described.  These men are doing an absolute horrible job performing this play, even worse than I had originally thought that they would do.  But it is a strange way to end this play in my opinion.  It left much to be unknown about what unfolds between Hermia and Lysander, and also between Helena and Demetrius.  Are these lovers are assumed to go on happily ever after?  Where is the resolution to the confrontation between Hermia and her father about who she will marry?  Another relationship left unresolved was that of Hermia and Helena, where the friendship last mentioned was never healed.  The two women are last seen fighting and Helena being very scared of Hermia.  This relationship that had been ongoing for many years was left at a standstill which may have been done on purpose by Shakespeare.  But my ideology is that there was too much left unfinished.   I believe that the final play inside of the play was a major distraction to some of the confrontations in the story.  But when thinking of this as an overall deconstruction of class roles in society it does a good job representing the naivety of some people during these times.  The mechanicals strove to become higher class when in all reality they probably lowered themselves inside of the eyes of these higher class people.  Although Theseus gives them the benefit of the doubt at first, he does mock them throughout their play.  But the main ideas of class “jumping” was never fully accomplished by any of the actors in the play, even in the mythical sense, the fairy queen is still somewhat subservient to the fairy king.  But the fairy king and queen seem to be the final operating force in the play when they take into their hands the job of granting good fortune on any of Theseus’ and Hippolyta’s children.  This shows the clashing of both the mythical and real world, and how it is affecting the people in the play in a positive way which was not seen much throughout the story.


One thought on “The distracting play inside a play

  1. anikakrempl

    I indeed had been distracted by the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe, so much so that I completely forgot about all the loose ends of the real lovers’ tales. While Bottom was breaking the fourth wall to explain everything to his audience, Hermia and Helena could have been plotting to poison each other. While I feel that we did need the Mechanicals’ play to be performed in order to wrap up their story, I agree that their conclusion left out the conclusions of more primary characters.


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