Batman and Robin (Iago and Emilia)

In Shakespeare’s The tragedy of Othello, there is a lot of deception going on.  The most evil character in the play is Iago, hands down, as he is playing with so many peoples lives.  Iago is ruining Othello’s and Desdemona’s marriage and lives.  But for me i guess the real question is why is he doing all of this?  It seems to me that he is doing it just because he is an evil person and wants to see people suffer because he didn’t get his little promotion.  Although this does show the importance of class, i believe that it is a ridiculous reason to ruin their lives.  Iago is very manipulative and can seem to talk his way out of every situation.  For instance, Roderigo is starting to catch on to Iago’s manipulation in act 4 scene 2.  “I do not find that thou deal’st justly with me.” (4. 2. 178).  Just as easily as Roderigo represents how he is being treated, Iago turns it around and shows how he is helping him and has a plan for him.  In all reality he again manipulated Roderigo to do some more dirty work for him.  I kind of feel bad for Roderigo in this situation because he had the courage to stand up against Iago, but then he was put down again.

Along with Iago in this play, i feel as though there is a forgot about player who can be just as cruel in Desdemona’s and Othello’s situation and that is Emilia, Iago’s wife.  Emilia had plenty of opportunities to do whats right when Desdemona confronted her about the handkerchief.  Her leaving out of information and not eluding to the fact that she knew Iago was setting this whole situation up makes her just as guilty as Iago.  And i believe that there is no way she is oblivious to what is going on around her or else she would not have lied to Desdemona.


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