An analysis of my work thus far.

Reading back on the three posts that I have written so far this semester- I am a little shocked. I am shocked because I consider myself to be a pretty good writer and the blog posts that I have composed so far this semester defiantly do not demonstrate my writing skills. I think that even though we have been asked to write blog posts and blog posts are generally somewhat informal, mine are a little too informal and tend to be underdeveloped and unorganized. The posts that I have composed thus far are more generalized rather than focusing in on a main idea. Sometimes I feel that my blog posts begin strong and then tend to weaken as I continue developing what I believe is my “main idea”. I begin to develop a main idea but lose it by not incorporating examples from the texts that we have read, and looking back using more examples would have made all the difference.

For instance, in my very first blog post Professor Mulready commented that I started out with a good idea but it never developed into a main point. I think I might not have truly comprehended the concept of this blogging assignment. In my first blog post which we had to write about something in A Midsummer Night’s Dream,  I took something I found interesting in but instead of developing the idea in a contextual way, I drifted and took what I thought was interesting and related it to a real world situation I encountered, leaving my post to be underdeveloped. In the end, like Professor Mulready mentioned it never really reached a main point and instead of using several quotes to develop my point, I only used one, leaving my main idea to go unnoticed.

Out of the three blog posts I have produced this semester I only received feedback from peers on one of my posts. This goes to show that either what I wrote about it wasn’t interesting enough to grasp the reader’s attention or that no one really knew how to respond to my post because the main idea was unclear. When looking back and breaking down my first post, I would have to say that it was all merely a short summarization of the intertwined love relationships in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was intrigued by the theme of love in this play but I didn’t expand enough on it to make it into a main idea. Instead I took the idea of love and related it to a similar situation I experienced in real life. I could of kept in the real life situation example but then after I should have expanded and talked more about the effect love had on the characters. More so, how love made the characters experience such emotions like jealousy, lovesickness, and insecurity. Then from there bring actual contextual evidence into my blog post to make it a stronger piece.

My second blog post was in my opinion a little bit stronger but still somewhat generalized. Although, I did receive two peer comments on it because they were intrigued by my analysis of The Tempest itself, but even so, my analysis of The Tempest was not the main idea I was aiming for.  I was inspired to write this blog post initially after reading the intro to The Tempest in the Norton Shakespeare- in the intro I was informed that The Tempest does not have a “single dominant source for its plot but it is a kind of echo chamber of Shakespearean motifs.” (3055)  I then listed the different plots that we would see throughout this play. I think that instead of just listing all the different plots I should of picked one that we had encountered so far in our reading and elaborated on it, or just picked a different main idea altogether. After briefly analyzing The Tempest on its own, I begin to talk a little bit about the use of magic in the story and the meaning of the Tempest (the windy storm). If I were to revisit this piece I would keep my small analysis of The Tempest but I should have expanded more on the use of magic, in turn making that my main idea. That was also the advice one of my peers gave me, “You did a good job analyzing the plays introduction: to expand you could have further discussed the ideas of magic within the text.”

As for my third blog post it is also generalized in a way but it is a little bit more developed then the other two. I talk a lot about Prospero and his name, as well as briefly discussing magic again and the meaning behind the storm. In this particular piece I only pull one quote from the text to back up my thoughts, therefore once again leaving this piece underdeveloped.

For the most part all of my blog posts have been generally the same, I don’t think they improved but I also don’t think they got any worse. All three of my blog posts could defiantly use revisiting and revising, mainly to make them stronger and to make the main idea more clear to the readers. In order to do this I would defiantly have to figure out what exactly my main idea is and then use contextual evidence from the plays to further develop my ideas. I do like the idea and the concept of blogging; it gives us as students a new way to discuss things we are working on in class. It is a method of teaching mixed with technology, making learning more interesting and fun. For me personally I think I would have been more comfortable having our blog post due on Thursday because I like when we have our open discussion in class because for me it makes the main ideas of the play more clear. I would then take something we had discussed in class and I feel that I would have had an easier time developing it into a stronger blog piece. I do understand why it is not done that way, and it is most likely because Professor Mulready is trying to open up our minds and see what we come up with as being interesting and why and see how we develop it. Also, because if we all did our blogs after having discussed the main points in class we would all probably write similar blog posts which would be very repetitive to the outside readers.

Seeing the work that I have produced so far, revisiting the comments I have received and breaking down my previous blog posts, I am defiantly going to try harder and making my main idea more clear and bringing in more quotes from the text to develop my ideas.


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