Comments on Blogging

      This is a great blogging assignment for us to evaluate  ourselves. In the beginning I thought blogging was going to be an easy way to reiterate the story and our opinions about the stories. As I read my previous blogs I can see that I still, l to this day, struggle with coming up with an opinionated blog. I always seem to find myself summarizing the story which is effecting my grade. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

       I  have also noticed that in every story I tend to always talk about the villain in the stories. Although I do sympathize with the characters that are troubled by these villains I find myself more interested in the bad guys. I tend to feel like my focus is on the negativity in these stories. Maybe due to the fact that these characters just seem more interesting and grab my attention. Although the stories we have read already  are interesting, I sometimes feel that I play it safe in the blogs and only talk about things I am 100% sure of. Sometimes I don’t fully understand the literature and don’t try to venture out to far in content for fear that I am misinterpreting it. I feel that my blogs are reflecting this. Maybe someone will have some suggestions as to how I can correct this.

      As I re-read my posts I can see that I’m straight forward and to the point ,I should be using more references to back up my thoughts. I do however enjoy reading other’s posts on weekly readings. Sometimes I feel a better understanding of the weekly readings just by reading some of the other’s blogs. It gives an understanding of the topic in a “normal” language.

      Although I’m struggling with reading some of Shakespeare’s works I think I will continue to read them and use them in my teaching career. I have found some great lesson plans that I think the student’s will love and be able to understand. As far as my blogging goes I will continue to try to improve my thought process where I can give better references to specific material.


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