Reflection on Blog Posts

What I value most about the weekly blogging is that, besides reading Shakespeare closer, it benefits my writing. I learn how to bring a point across in written, how to build up a short argument, and how to prove this argument with textual evidence. The professor’s feedback assisted me in improving my blog posts, and going back to the blogs I have written so far, I noticed the development in how they were written. Whereas the first blog post about A Midsummer Night’s Dream did not follow one sole point, the other two posts were better structured and investigated one clear topic. Furthermore, the content of the blogs changed from an analysis of structural features of a play towards the analysis of a specific character. This development of the topic I write about, it seems, produces more effective blogs, as it helps me to focus deeper on one subject instead of making numerous rather isolated statements about one larger topic.

Revisiting the three blogs I noticed that there are some passages that I now would write differently. In my first blog, for example, I analyzed the play within the play. The introduction makes a clear point, which I do not follow up with during the blog post. This caused the blog to appear as a list of fragments rather than a clear argument. Note for instance, the second last paragraph about the “image of Injury”. This paragraph offers no connection to the initial statement of my blog, which may have caused confusion for the reader. After re-reading this blog, I would change two things, if I had the chance to rewrite it. Fist, I would make the thesis clearer by targeting only one aspect, for example, on how the audience perceived the play. In addition to that I would take paragraph three and five, which already deal with this topic, and develop them a bit further.

My second blog addressed Othello. This entry is well-developed and follows a clear line. Its structure builds up the argument nicely and it becomes clear for the reader what I intended to say. It appears that the analysis of a character helped me to stay focused.

This can also be observed in the third blog. This one, however, reads not so easy like the second blog, as I tended to add too many examples at a time behind a statement. The introduction of the third blog is a nice example for that. In hindsight, it would have been better if I had left out the examples in the introduction and had added them in a separate paragraph following the introduction. Overall it appears as if I have targeted a topic a little too large to analyze in such a short blog post. It seems to me as if the blog would have been more effective if I had only described how humans influence others, instead of also talking about how humans want to control the elements. However, this blog for the most part follows a clear line.

Reading the blogs again was an interesting experience. The revision helped me to notice which parts of the writing were nice, and which were not. I was surprised how obvious it was that some passages of my blogs were not well-written or well-structured, as, for instance the thesis statement of my first blog. It might be helpful for the future to start writing the blog a few days earlier, because it allows for more time to revise it.


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