Midterm Reflection

It’s really quite a strange thing to take a step back and look at one’s work from an outside point of view.  I am creative writer, so, it is not like I do not ever examine my work through a critical lens, but when I do that I am more emotionally involved with the piece.  As of now, I am looking at my blog posts as if I was not the one who wrote them and it’s really odd. 

I will be the first to admit that I am not the best analytic writer, and I think that shows in my blog posts.  My thoughts are a little scattered, and my ideas are not exactly fully formed, especially in the earliest blog post.  This may be because I really was not sure what I should or could write about.  The feedback I receive from Professor Mulready, and the comments made by other bloggers helped me to focus my writing a bit more, and allowed me to think about the plays more broadly. 

      My second blog post is much stronger than my first.  When I wrote on Othello I was inspired by the variety of issues that the play offered.  I felt secure enough with this text to explore its different themes and ideas.  For my blog post regarding Othello I discussed the idea that Iago would not have been so successful in his plan to ruin Othello, if Othello was not insecure in his relationship with Desdemona.  Although, I believe that my ideas were good, my voice was not confident enough to make a really convincing argument. 

For my third blog post I felt the most brave with my exploration of the text.  When I was reading the first act of The Tempest I had a hard time getting a sense of what type of play it is, and that was largely due to my reading of Prospero.  Meaning, I had a really hard time deciphering his motives.  So, I raised the question, “Is Prospero good or bad?”, because he does possess some less than desirable character traits, but he is definitely not evil like Richard III or Iago.  Writing about Prospero helped me to investigate his character a little deeper, and think more critically about the text as a whole. 

I still feel like my posts are slightly off and I am not one hundred percent comfortable with this type of exploration of the text.  However, I believe I have improved my writing of blog posts since the beginning of the semester.  Also, I am more aware of my ability to interpret the text in different ways.         


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