We’ve hit the midpoint

At the beginning of the semester I felt somewhat shaky about blogging every other week on our readings. While I do blog regularly on my own, the thought of having to find something in our readings to blog about made me somewhat nervous. However, I found that my anxiety was ill based and that it was quite easy to find something to write about.

My first post is entirely different from the posts that followed it. Initially I found a smaller theme within the play and in that first post, “Girl Code,” I connected that smaller theme to something more universal. In the case of my first post I connected it to a major television trope that is commonly used in television series today, as well as major movies. In other words, I simply made general connections between something in the text and something present within our culture today.

However, reading Othello and Twelfth Night instantly changed my blogging style. These two texts had me so engrossed within their own worlds that I didn’t really see the point in connecting anything I found there to something specific in our culture or society. Instead, I started to see a pattern within Shakespeare’s works that I really wanted to explore and tease out in my blog posts. Shakespeare’s use of language as a tool more powerful than brute force at times was something that really caught my interest. In my post “A Sliver Tongue,” I began to examine Shakespeare’s clever use of language as a sort of disguise that masks everyone that uses its great potential. While it’s very apparent in Iago’s case during Othello there was also the use of language as a disguise in Twelfth Night that started me on this track of thinking. Therefore, I also began to see the many different connections that existed between Shakespeare’s many plays. I wanted to bring those connections in, as well.

That leaves me with my most recent blog post. While it is very different from my first post, I would have to say that my latest post is on the same level as my Silver Tongue post. Once again, I explore language and its use in The Tempest and connect it back to another text we read previously. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, I am a tad bit disappointed in myself for not branching out a bit more and taking my post onto another level. While I am interested in language in Shakespeare’s texts, I do want to shake it up every now and then and sharpen my writing and inference skills as the posts progress.

In the end, however, I find these blog posts to be helpful in the way that they are a space where I can casually note my ideas on a subject I would like to explore without having to worry about many formalities. 


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