Midterm Blog

After re-visiting my blogs so far this semester I can see that I have improved. Looking at my first blog, “A Mirror for Katherine,” I can see now why I did not do so well. It was hard to even see what the point was that I was trying to make as I reread it. Towards the end of the blog I could see my point, that Petruccio was showing Katherine just how horrible she portrays herself to others by having himself mirror her personality. I think this blog would have been less confusing if I made my point clear in the beginning of the post. By the time the end of the blogs comes it just seems like the beginning was not important to my claim.
“Down with the King,” was my favorite blog I have written so far because I felt there was so much evidence of Richard being a bad king that I had to show all his faults. My last blog, “Father and Son,” points out the different roles that the king, Falstaff and Harry play. More importantly “when Harry goes to the tavern and sees Falstaff lying about money this shows a reversal of father and son role changing between the two.” This really shows the immaturity of Falstaff and the maturity of Harry coming out for the world to see.
I noticed in all my blogs I try to write about characters personality or inner conflicts. I like to see the reactions of the characters and find evidence in their behavior to support my claim. Since my first post my blogs have been clearer and give more detailed support to my claim. As a reader of Shakespeare I can see that I am more interested in the history plays than the others we have read in class. I feel like I can draw more out of the text.
I find that the blogging has helped me develop my detective skills. When I am making points in my blog I have to go back in the text and find the examples I need to use to make my blogs clear to the reader.


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