Reflecting Back

The practice of getting used to writing blogs has definitely benefited towards the quality of my posts.  The first blog truly showed my inexperience, but the next few progressively got better.  The biggest factor for my improvement was using more of my own thoughts, while discovering more important ideas to write about.  This is clearly illustrated through the progression of my posts.  

A big factor contributing to the improvement of my blog posts was providing an interesting topic to write about.  Reading back on my first post, I found it to be kind of boring.  The blog seemed to only explain what was happening between Petruccio and Kate in Taming of the Shrew, with very little of my own thoughts. I wrote, “He is telling the audience how he compares his acts to what a falconer is,” after a line I quoted.  This was all I wrote and a great indication of how the flow for the rest of my blog went.  I did not elaborate at all, while just pointing out what was said.  There were no thoughts of my own, and much of this became a common occurrence through most of my first blog.  If I was more creative it could have led to more questions and ideas, providing for a more interesting blog. 

My second blog is a slight improvement from the first, but it has many of the same negative patterns.  I seem to elaborate a bit more, giving more of my own thoughts; but I get into the same habit of simply analyzing the quotes chosen from the text. I wrote, “He wants to rush his uncles death so they can take his money to fund the war in Ireland.  Richard II shows a corrupt usage of his power.  He takes his power and demonic personality to a different level by using these acts of violence against his own family.”  Here is a specific point of my second blog where I begin to elaborate a little bit more with my own thoughts.  Aside from this, the same problem of opening new ideas for further questioning occurs.  

Finally, my third blog is where there becomes a significant difference from the rest.  Starting with the title of my entry, “Where is the Hero?” already draws more interest than the other posts.  Just the title by itself draws people to the idea of an interesting discussion. This post also provides a lot more of my own ideas that open thought’s for new discussion.  A big indication was the responses, in comparison to my last two posts.  There was only a few comments for my first few posts, but this one gained a lot of attention with several responses.  This helped me understand the importance of developing new ideas that can help lead to better engagement with the reader. It was also great to hear everyone’s individual opinion, which helped to give me a clearer answer to some of the questions I had.

The practice of writing these entries has not only helped my blogging, but also helped me to look deeper into Shakespeare’s works.  I am slowly developing the habit of looking further into the readings.  This is helping me to come up with more creative ideas that is providing more meaningful thoughts in my blog posts.  The course blog, along with our class discussion is helping me develop more with explorative writing, while also being able to express more of my own thoughts. 


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