Giulia’s blog reflection about blogging

I remember when this semester first started I was intimidated by blogging, and feared that my blogs would not be up to par. I was unfamiliar with the proper language use of a blog and I focused more on language, than anything else. I have come a long way since then, however, I am still unsure if I am writing my blogs correctly, (probably because I am indecisive).

My first blog was called: The shrew is tamed. Good-bye Katherine, hello Kate! It was a reflective type of blog, and since it was my first one I experimented a little. Looking back, I spent way too much time thinking about a creative name, although, when it was time for me to comment on other blog’s, I always picked the one with the most intriguing title. My blog writing sounds more like a conversation rather than a writing piece. I think I quickly jumped to conclusions because in the beginning of the semester I was focused on understanding the reading, and did not think very critically about it. In this post I said that Kate was tamed, but I still have mixed feelings about it. I actually disagree with what I said in the end because for the time period, Kate speech at the end was strong, despite the modern ideas I was thinking about when I posted this. However, I was pleasantly surprised how this post generated lengthy comments rather than just, “I agree” or “Great job”.

My second blog called: To be a God or to be a Human, that is the Question is one that I really analyzed. This blog felt like an argumentative essay and I feel like if I had the proper resources I could write a very interesting paper on the topic of the godliness of kings. This was the first time I knew exactly what I wanted to say for the whole post. My last blog: Prince rebellious with another motive was actually my least favorite because I could not really decide which side I wanted to argue. I tried my best to talk about the play, but I felt like I did not have much to work with. I started with one idea and trapped myself in an idea that I was unsure about.

I found that I usually write about characters and what interests me about them. I only wrote about theme in my second post, and I think that is one of my favorite posts, so I will be use to keep that in mind for future blogs. My blogging has changed since the beginning of the term. I have developed a type of blog that has more flow to it and it sounds less like rambling. (Even though I had no intention to ramble in the first place). The thing that shocked me the most is the quality of my work. I always doubt myself and fear that my blogs are not good enough, but looking back on them I can absolutely see progress, and it is obvious which plays I was interested in. As a reader of Shakespeare my posts show that I am very analytical and I try to find meaning in writing. The thing I like about Shakespeare is that he opens up his writing for interpretation. I value blogging because I forces me to really think about the reading. I have been in many English classes where I’m not interested in the reading, and just read the required text to check it off in my agenda. I have found that the blogs allow me to connect to texts that I don’t necessarily like, and sometimes they get a second chance through the process of analyzing.




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