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I know without looking why my three blogs do not all have top scores. I knew the day I received the grades. I always try to analyze any errors I make so I can avoid making the same mistake in the future.

In my first blog I carefully followed the rubric adding details and supporting it with quotes and details from the text. I posed the question “Does Petruccio tame the shrew?” in this blog. I left the answer up to the reader giving points to back either decision. This was a carefully structured blog that I had put a lot of time and effort into.

 My second blog on King Richard II was considerably shorter than the first with fewer details. I did not refer to the rubric for this blog and wrote from memory. I see the need for more quotes to back up my statements especially in the first paragraph. How do I know Mowbray and Bolingbroke both know of the secret? I should have proven this statement making my argument more powerful.

 I did have trouble choosing a topic for this blog because it was the beginning of the play. I feel more comfortable discussing things that I understand. I feel the need to finish reading before answering questions on a topic. I was uncomfortable choosing a topic to discuss without knowing if the topic was relevant to the play or something I misunderstood from the beginning.

 My third blog was more of an emotional post for me. I posed a question “What kind of King can’t rule his own son?” Being a parent (who hopes to never have my children hanging out with drunkards) I was appalled at the behaviors of Harry and how Henry did not put an end to his childish behaviors earlier. I let my emotions ruin the post by not taking the time to support my claims with quotes. This was a very short blog filled with the questions floating around in my own head.

 We had a discussion in class today reflecting Henry V’s “remembering his father’s offense”. This makes me rethink the Harry’s behavior in Henry IV. If Harry was ashamed of his father’s taking the throne it may have driven him to drink and take friends of the opposite class of his father. Once Henry was close to death Harry faced the reality that he was next in line for the throne. He took the position and tried to make penance by building chantries and paying people to pray. This all goes back to my previous statement of not being comfortable discussing a topic that I do not know enough about.

 All three blogs were about an issue that touched a nerve with me emotionally: taming a shrew, covering up a secret and raising a son.

 The idea I see worth revisiting is the last post. We touched on it in class (as mentioned above) but I wonder if my opinion will change again with the conclusion of the Henry V. I will be looking.

 I am much more comfortable blogging at the end of the play. I feel I have a better grasp on what is happening and can respond better. I understand the blogs in the middle get you thinking about what is to come – I’m just not that kind of thinker.

 I enjoy reading other people’s posts because I feel it opens up more discussion. Some people are shy or reserved in class and can let it out in the blogs. We get a better idea of everyone’ s thinking. Making us respond ensures we read and contemplate these ideas that may not have come up in class. I think the blogging assignment in general is a very valuable tool. Thank you!



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