Past, Present, and Future

My first blog Control or Acceptance (Taming of the Shrew) was character based. I believe that I had two great questions that lacked supporting evidence to back them up. I left these questions unanswered so that my fellow students could have something to respond to. This was my first blog post ever and I was unfamiliar with this type of assignment. I do believe I did a great job of exploring the relationship dynamics of this play, but in doing so left very little for the audience to explore. Going back to the question does Katherine give in to Petruccio, or does she change her ways for happiness? I could have backup this question with evidence from the text such as Pertuccio’s line “For I am born to tame you, Kate…from a wild Kate to a Kate comfortable as other household Kate’s.” (2.1 268-270) Also in 5.2 Katherine’s aggression is not dead, just redirected towards others, such as the widow. Petruccio I believed “tames her” not diminished her wit that he was so intrigued by. Kate’s spirit survives but her role changes from unmarried shrew to obedient wife.

My next blog post Fate or Carelessness (Romeo and Juliet) I felt was my best blog post out of the three. I had great questions with supporting evidence from the text and found wonderful lines to support my position. If I had to redo this blog I would include a stronger conclusion to wrap up my thoughts. I ended this blog with a quote to leave the reader thinking, but looking back, a nice strong conclusion could have been more beneficial.

The third and final blog Did King Henry IV bite off more than he can chew had very little focus and the message was quite unclear. My uneasiness with this play showed through in my writing. I left very little for others to respond to this blog. I would include another insightful question and reorganize my ideas for better fluidity. Another question may have been “If King Henry didn’t voice his concerns about Harry would Harry have felt the need to step up and prove his father wrong?” This post had received the fewest responses from my fellow classmates.  What I found ironic now having finished the play is that Harry replaces Henry after his death with a fellow father figure.

This was a great exercise to really evaluate our own writing. I do believe I will be able to create a more meaningful blog due to this exercise. Although I found faults in my blogs I still stand behind them, well the first two. I do feel that it is great to be able to read everyone else’s work to see their ideas from the works that we cover in class, but to also realize that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. What surprised me about my own blog’s is that I focused a lot on the characters and their relationships to each other rather than the plot or theme. I learned that I definitely lean towards areas I am most comfortable with and that I should step out of my comfort zone more often.


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