Judging from the lack of depth in my first post, I was probably struggling to make the 5:00 deadline. However, I do notice that I tend to focus on relationships between characters and what their motivations are. Having blogged on three very different plays, one comedy, one tragedy, and one history, this patten is interesting to me. My main focus last semester was gender roles, but my attention seems to have shifted to the complex relationships the characters find themselves in.  For Taming of the Shrew I discussed the links between social classes; for Romeo and Juliet I focused on what constitutes a family; and for Richard II I commented on the difficulty of treating one’s family member as any other subject.

I enjoyed writing my post for Romeo and Juliet because it was my second time reading it; I had deeper insights and more of a personal investment in it because I like that play. Richard II didn’t quite capture my attention as much and I notice I picked one specific scene to comment on instead of discussing it in relation to the play as a whole, because I didn’t have a very good grasp on it. With Romeo and Juliet I was able to dig deeper and had a more thorough understanding. What I like about blogging though is that it forces you to take a closer look at the text rather than just skimming it over and forgetting about it. If I was forced to blog about the history plays every day I might appreciate them more, but my personal interests are definitely a factor in what I choose to write about.


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