The poor Claudio may have been one of the characters duped by Don John but I find his behavior towards Hero simply unacceptable, and he chose to disclose about Hero being what he thought she was during the wedding in front of a whole lot of people. He seriously could have chosen a better time to say it or even confront her about it before the wedding and talked to her about it instead of listening to Don John who Claudio already knew as a rather shady character. But I guess we can’t have drama without a situation like this.

I did rather enjoy Leonato’s idea for revenge. Sort of. It would have been a good punishment if not that the niece was actually Hero so that way he would have to live with the thought that he caused her death.”And since you could not be my son-in-law,/ Be yet my nephew. My brother hath a daughter,/ Almost the copy of my child that’s dead,/ And she alone is heir to both of us,/ Give her the right you should have giv’n her cousin ,/ And so dies my revenge” (5.1.271-76). However this is a comedy so it has to end with a happy marriage wedding(usually).

I would have liked the idea of Claudio being forced to marry the cousin and think only about how he caused her death. I am rather glad that the truth was found out in the end since Hero did nothing to deserve that sort of situation on her.

On another note, I started to tell just how strong the relationship between Hero and Beatrice were when she asked Benedick to go kill Claudio for doing something like that to Hero, and I can see how much Benedick really came to love Beatrice when he obliged to challenge Claudio to a duel. Although I sometimes wonder if Beatrice asked Benedick to kill Claudio because she knew she could take advantage of his love. I really don’t think thats the case though.


One thought on “Claudio

  1. Kelly Colon

    I think you make a few good points and the idea of Beatrice taking advantage of Benedick’s love for her occurred to me as well. I was thinking that she knows that he really loves her and she wants to get rid of an enemy, so why not kill two birds with one stone? She could get her enemy killed and see if Benedick really loves her if he agreed to do anything for her. It worked out though because Benedick was willing to do it for Beatrice but he didn’t need to, so he was still able to prove his love for her.


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