Well I must say Emilia just went all out at the end of the Act V right before her death. She is another example of the strong females that are present within Shakespeare plays. One of her traits that make her that strong female character is her outspokenness which was stated in the reading by Ania Loomba. You can see more of her outspokenness after Othello has killed Desdemona and has revealed that Iago was the one who told him about Desdemona’s supposed affair with Cassio. Emilia knows her husband quite well as well as know that Desdemona is pure and innocent and would never cheat on Othello. She immediately reveals Iago to be a liar and she does not hesitate to talk bad about him even when he enters and refuses to leave or shut up when told to by Iago.

EMILIA. O thou dull Moor, that handkerchief thou speak’st of/ I found by fortune and did give my husband,/ For often, he with solemn earnestness–/ More than indeed belonged to such a trifle–/ He begged me to steal’t.

IAGO.             Villainous whore! (5.2.233-37)

Emilia did not hesitate to reveal the dilemma with the handkerchief and finally show that Iago was behind everything but it cost her her life since Iago killed her shortly afterwards. Based on Emilia words and her love for Desdemona, it can deduced that Emilia did not know what giving the handkerchief to Iago would do, but it seems she only did it since Iago asked her so seriously and I’m sure she was curious with what would happen. I could also tell that Iago really did not like Emilia if he killed her so easily just for the sake of shutting her up, but I guess if Iago believed that Emilia had slept Othello and that why he didn’t like her anymore, then I must say that Iago is great villain and I have no sympathy for him.


One thought on “Emilia

  1. n02392155

    Emilia’s theft of the handkerchief confuses me in the light of her confessing Iago’s crimes. I can’t imagine how Emilia could have thought that Iago had anything pleasant planned for Desdemona with that scheme, and it’s also puzzling that Emilia couldn’t make the connection between the handkerchief and Othello’s suspicions in regards to Desdemona’s loyalty. I see her confession as her final act of redemption, then. Emilia might not have known Iago was arranging Desdemona’s death, but she had to have known it wasn’t going to help Desdemona, and I suppose Emilia’s confession is in part because of her shock at and trying to right how much damage she had done with the handkerchief.


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