lies lead to death in the end

Like in most plays, Shakespeare uses the tragedy theme in order to portray different themes and what believing lies can get you. Shakespeare shows how Othello became mad with the thoughts of his wife making love with another man. After saying, “Confess – Handkerchief – Oh Devil.” (line 37), Othello falls into a trance which Iago later calls an “epilepsy fit.”  Othello, believing the lies that Iago has been spreading about his wife in his revenge starts seeing how his wife “has” been cheating on him. The major key item is the handkerchief which is an item that Othello gave to Desmonda showing his love to her. For her to have carelessly tossed it away and loose the item, it puts a target on her back that she doesn’t love the man. This lies change Othello’s views of his wife, calling her a “Strumpet” and “lust” which refers to the terms “slut” and “whore” in modern terms. He completely made a 180 turn of how he sees her, thanks to Iago.

Othello seems to try to convince himself that he shouldn’t have to kill her in the beginning of Act 5 Scene 2. He does say, “It strikes where doth love,” (line 28) which does show how he still loves her. Despite this, he makes the effort to strangle her to prevent her from cheating on him with other men. Othello does give a chance for Desdemona to prove that she is “innocent.” And yet, would that even matter? If Desdemona “lies” saying that she did sleep with Cassio, then would Othello let her live and just divorce her instead? Or would he just kill her anyway, being he mentioned before that he was doing this in order to prevent her from “having sex with other men.” This brings an interesting character development for we don’t know exactly what Othello would do but it gives us some room to infer based on how woman are treated in Shakespeare’s time period.

Othello would still have either left her, or committed suicide in the end. The agony of knowing that he’s been played with, and knowing that he killed her because of a lie would shatter what was remaining of his soul. The urge of him wanting to join his wife would be too strong to bare, and the idea of being alone would hurt him. It is this reason he decided to commit suicide and die in front of the others; knowing that he would have no hope in the future. And yet, did he make the right choice? Or could of there been another way?


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