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In reading through my three blogs in succession, I definitely see them becoming better, more focused and organized. My first blog, which I discussed gender and the masculine attitude towards women in terms of consumption of meat in Twelfth Night, was quite vague and not organized. I think it suffered from a lack of a solid thesis and a weak argument. Besides the fact that I was over stretching the play to fit my idea, I chose not to even attempt to support my argument with specifics from the text. I should have uses quotes or tried to find more specific examples to support Sir Andrew’s patriarchal attitudes. Also, I muddle my post more by trying to tie in the gender roles involved in the Orsino, Olivia, and Viola (Cesario) love triangle. I feel if I just focused my original argument on one of those groups my statements would have been more clear. And for some reason I bring Maria in at the close of the post, which again makes my points more confusing, so in a rewrite I would remove that part. My next post, which covered gender roles and the feminist twist to Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship in Much Ado About Nothing, presents more organization and specifics to the topic. Although the thesis is not as strong is more plot based, it is still present which helps to keep me on topic; I focus on one aspect of the play rather than trying to hit every plot point that obtains to my argument. My usage of quotes in this post is much better and more thought-provoking. The quotes are better analyzed and aid the text rather than being just stuck there. I think an elaboration on Beatrice’s feminist behavior and how it relates to Shakespeare as an author would be a good addition to this post, and I would also take out the part about Benedick’s theatrical aspects, as I think it does not serve a purpose to my thesis. Finally, my final post involving female hysteria and the patriarchal connotation that accompanies it in Othello was definitely my best post yet. This is a topic that I have been interested in and am currently researching, so I was able to really focus my thoughts and create a solid thesis. I chose vital quotes from the text and analyzed them perfectly to apply to my argument. In revision, I would go back and write more of an introduction to my point about Roderigo so that was played out more seamlessly in the post, and I would also write more about the irony of Othello/Iago’s comments about female hysteria, as I feel that would only add to my argument and relate back to Shakespeare as the playwright. As a whole, I have enjoyed my experience blogging on the plays we have read so far. I feel it allows me to make contemporary connections to the texts, in turn creating a better understanding of themes, motifs, and language. I also enjoy reading others post as well, it keeps my thinking about arguments that I had not thought of and I feel it helps keep class motivated and topic oriented. In future posts, I will continue to keep them thesis based in order to be more organized and try to remain specific as to not muddle my argument, keeping it strong.

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Colleen Stewart is a freelance writer and photographer based in the Hudson Valley. She received her Master's degree in English Lit at SUNY New Paltz and has published work has appearing in The Valley Table, Hudson Valley Magazine, The Shawangunk Review and Edible Hudson Valley. She is also a self-taught cook and avid photographer.

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