Midterm Assignment: The Blog of all Blogs

The first thing I noticed when I was looking at the post I made, was that they’re all about a certain person that struck my interest during the reading of the plays. It’s very much like me to choose certain people because it easiest for me to become interested in certain people than any other sort of aspect of the play such as the language or other social phenomena’s.

For my 3 blog post, I chose to concentrate on Malvolio from Twelfth Night , Claudio from Much ado about Nothing, and Emilia from Othello. There is an interesting mixture of character I like, dislike, and just feel bad for.

I’ll start with my first post, which was titled “A prank gone too far”. This blog was made as a reaction to the prank that was played towards Malvolio.This is definitely my weakest blog. I remember while typing this, I had to write two other blog post for different classes and that I was having a lot of trouble figuring out where I wanted this blog to go. My indecision about this blog did show up in it’s final result. I had a pretty good setup, but the end was really weak, and it was mostly missing. Upon further inspection, I noticed that some of my sentences kind of jump around and don’t really make much sense with the sentence prior to it. I feel some sentence rearrangement would have worked better here. Overall, this post did make sort of a point of my feelings over the prank that was played on Malvolio, but I failed to make a proper ending and my post suffered. However, I think my posts gets better after this since by the time I write my second post, I’ve already written a lot of other blog post from other classes so in other words, I’ve had a lot more practice with writing with purpose on a less formal setting.

My second blog was title “Claudio”. There is a huge improvement with this blog post detailing my dislike over Claudio because of treatment of Hero. I make points about how he was duped by Don John and how he could have chosen to confront Hero about her infidelity another time that was not their wedding day. I also used quotes to support the text and explained them. I even included my opinions of some of the other characters contrast with Hero and Claudio’s relationship. I talked about how Beatrice and Benedick’s relationship is almost in stark contrast with Hero and Claudio and I really enjoyed seeing Beatrice and Benedick go back and forth with each other.

My last blog post is titled “Emilia”. Emilia is one of those outspoken female characters that you might have never seen in Shakespeare’s time so I went into this blog post pretty happily since I really wanted to write about her and of course people usually write better when they want to write about something. I’m actually pretty fond of this blog post because I was able to talk about how Emilia really just went all out and revealed everything to Othello before being killed by Iago. It also showed my dislike for Iago and how his plan to ruin Othello was only started because he thought his wife slept with Othello, among other things.

All in all, I do think my blogs have improved in quality and I do believe part of it comes from gaining a better of understanding of Shakespeare from both my Shakespeare 1 and 2 classes. Writing blog post about what we read also gives me a chance to express more of my opinions since I’m not very talkative in class and that is something I value most about doing the blogs.


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