My metamorphasis

By rereading my blog posts I can follow the stages of metamorphosis from a “so-so” (caterpillar) post to a quality (butterfly) blog post.

Looking at my first blog post I have to laugh. I feel like a child trying out a new writing style. Shakespeare uses a multitude of lines regarding the changeling child to emphasize the importance. I tried, unsuccessfully, to use the same technique. I wanted to reinforce the length of these details, but a blog isn’t the place for lengthy quotes. I did pose a lot of questions but didn’t look into finding any answers.

Next I chose to write about Don Pedro. This post reads like a character summary now that I am rereading it. I posed several questions but failed to answer or attempt to answer any of them.

My third blog post was on Desdemona, another character summary. This time I made references to historical information regarding women. These references reveal my knowledge of not only what the play says but also what it meant in the time it was written. I wanted to emphasize line count similar to what I was trying to do in my first blog but this time I simply gave the number: “In a mere 28 lines of speaking…” This worked. I also added my opinion of Desdemona with an explanation of why I felt that way.

I believe that my posts have gradually gotten better. I have to remember to focus my blog into a blog, not a play. I can focus on a character as long as I go beyond the character. I also have to remember that it is not wrong to include my opinion. As long as I can keep these things in mind I should be able to remain a butterfly and not regress back into a caterpillar with my blog posts.


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