Strength and Weakness: Finding them in Yourself

Reading back over my blogs I found a few ideas which carried through them all. I am interesting in the treatment of women in the plays we have read. Hero in Much Ado about Nothing, Viola in Twelfth Night and Emila in Othello. It is interesting to me to see the very strong women Shakespeare portrays still kept down by the class system of England. Women in this time seem to only have power through disguise or language. For Viola she gains her power by dressing up as a man, Hero gains her power by pretending to be dead and Emila gains power through language. In our most recent play, Richard III, we see Margaret who curses everyone with predictions which end up becoming truth seeping her way into power through her language. Another thing I find myself interested in throughout the blogs is the similarities and difference between comedy and tragedy. There are aspects of comedy and tragedy in every play we have read but the differences are very apparent; comedy ends in marriage, tragedy ends in death. There can be death in comedy and marriage in tragedy but where they enter the plot is a strategic turning point between the two genres.

The last blog I did about The Mad Dramatist Iago I felt was my weakest blog yet I got the highest grade on it. I find this really interesting. Even when I went back and re-read last week’s blog I still find it weak and without a true point. It begins with the idea of comedy versus tragedy and then moves directly into the idea of Iago as the sole driving force of the play. Thinking back there seems to be many more reasons for everything that happens in the play other than just Iago. Sure he helps to move things in the directions he wants but he plays off the insecurities in every other character. Upon reading Richard III I realize how small a villain Iago is compared to Richard. Richard’s grapple for power is much more villainous than Iago’s plot of revenge.

In my future blogs I think I need to focus more on the text. I think one of the reason’s I got a better score on my most recent blog is because I focused much more on the text than just ideas we discussed in class. Personally I feel my second blog was the strongest. I would like to continue to explore the strength and weakness of women presented in Shakespeare in future projects or blogs.


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