A reexamination of my past blog posts

After reading through my previous blog posts, I can most definitely see where I fall short in my writing. I have now become more conscious of my mistakes and how I can improve upon them in future assignments. Still, I feel as though all three of my posts were centered and organized, never drifting from the main idea I was trying to question or explore. Thinking about it now, I believe that blogging as a learning exercise is an extremely effective way to work on writing skills and to discuss and investigate different ideas. It was nice to take a moment to reflect on my writing and think about what I can do to better it for my next entry.

In my first two posts, I talked about ideas pertaining to specific characters which I thought were important concepts to discuss. I thought I did well in getting my thoughts across, however, I feel that my main fault was not providing enough supporting evidence. I also feel that I could have delved deeper into my arguments. For example, in my first piece I focused on the question of whether Twelfth Nights Malvolio was a character to criticize or sympathize with.  I answered the question based on my opinion and gave my reasons for my thinking the way that I did but I feel as though my answer had the potential to be extended further. I explained how the trick that was played on Malvolio caused the audience to feel sympathetic for him and even gave reference to act 4 scene 2. Looking at this now though I realize I should have pulled out specific lines from the scene in order to demonstrate more precisely how the mistreatment of Malvolio was getting out of hand.

After rereading my second post about the character Dogberry from Much Ado About Nothing, I feel that my writing has mostly the same flaws as my first post. My topic was clear and focused but the only issue is that I did not demonstrate extra evidence to boost the quality of my argument. I displayed more supporting evidence than my first blog but less than my second blog which is probably why I received a score in between the two.

In my last post, I spoke about the language that Shakespeare gives the character of Iago in Othello to make him so persuasive and villainess, which essentially drives the action of the play. I am most proud of this post as I think it was very much focused, clear, specific, and went into great detail to support my claim. I would not change anything about this entry and I think if I were to develop it even further, it has potential to turn into a great paper.

All in all, I feel like a part of the reason why I did not do too well on my first post was a mixture of lack of detail as well as it simply being the first post and not fully knowing what to expect. I’ve realized that being specific and providing evidence in my argument is key to a successful post. I believe my writing has certainly improved within just three blog posts alone. It is amazing to see how far you can grow as a writer in such a short amount of time due to consistent blogging. Each entry has inspired me to try harder and do better on the following one and I hope to continue writing blogs that live up to my most recent post.


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