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After re-reading my three blog posts, I have noticed a trend in my writing. I tend to enjoy connecting the drama that happens in the lives of characters to a larger, all-encompassing meaning that pertains to the human condition as a whole. For me, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different plot changes that are occurring in Shakespeare’s plays. So finding a way for me to relate it to something in my own life, or something I know of others’ lives has been helping me stay engaged and be present with the text.

My first two blog posts seem to be more developed to me than my last one. I’ve included quotes in the second and third blog posts, but not in the first one. My writing tends to draw upon broader themes, as opposed to more specific ones. For example, in my last blog post, I wrote about how Emilia is the voice of the feminine—she gives voice to the females who are “powerless.”

I think my first blog post was my favorite one so far because I drew upon the nature of human desire as a way to explain how Malvolio works within his own imagination. It is something that I can relate to greatly in my own life, so that made it more appealing for me to write about. I like writing about my own personal experiences because it allows me to actually speak from something I know rather than just trying to analyze something distantly with no connection to it whatsoever. In this way, my posts have remained pretty consistent—I like to find the deeper meaning within Shakespeare’s plays. This post was another example of how I enjoy relating the drama of the play back toward a fundamental human condition like desire and lust and love.

I think my blog posts show a genuine curiosity about what the plays are saying, but I think they also convey a bit of confusion and uncertainty about what is actually happening with the play. It is hard for me to really understand it all sometimes, so relating it to an outside idea is how I make sense of it all.

Overall, during the weekly blog posts, I most enjoy that they are open-ended. It is more interesting for me to get to choose the direction I take in each blog post, rather than trying to answer a specific question about the text. I find this more pleasurable.


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