blogging about blogs..

After going back and reading my three previous blog posts, I have noticed that I often write about topics that are “easier.” I don’t often see all of the underlying meanings in Shakespeare’s plays, I more often see and understand the obvious. Though, the differences from my first blog post through my third blog post are “extreme.” My first two blogs received a three out of four, and I was feeling happy with that, but I wanted more. For my third blog post, not only did I analyze the plays more, but I also did research, and I got my four out of four!

I enjoy what I write about, because they are the things that I am able to understand from Shakespeare’s plays. I think that although I write about easier topics that I do it with a greater understanding (sometimes). I often write with a lot of emotion, but not always with a lot of reasoning. Whenever I quote portions of the play, I feel as if I don’t always fully explain what I have quoted, or why it’s important to what I’m trying to convey, but when I got to my third blog post, I was able to emphasize what it was that I was saying.

I typically have a tough time understanding Shakespeare, this is the second class that I have taken. I had been hoping that I would understand it more if I had taken a second class, and I feel like because we do these blog posts, I start to. Maybe not with just mine, but when I read other classmates’ blogs, I feel more at ease with my level of understanding. I’m not the only one who writes about the “love” “war” “family” topic(s). But the blogs written by others give me other views to think about, and I enjoy that a lot.

I think that my last post has shown growth, and I feel as though it’s because I was determined to get a four out of four. I wanted it, so I worked a little harder than I normally do, I annotated the selections that I was planning to use and then I even did some light research to try and find out more about Shakespeare’s influences.


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