Blogging about my blogs

My blog post all consist of analyzing characters and character relationships. I believe that I write about characters and the relationships because those are the factors of the play that jump out. Out of each play I chose a character I liked the most, and conveniently enough I wrote about that character in my posts. Another interesting fact I noticed is that I wrote about the “black sheep” in each play. My first post I wrote about Beatrice who was a strong opinionated woman, much different from all other women of this time. In my second post I wrote about Malvolio, the man who thinks he is very special and deserving, yet he is a servant. He is also disliked by all of the other servants in Twelfth Night. I think I chose to write about these different characters because I was intrigued by their personalities not going with the status quo.
In my first post I wrote about the relationship between Hero and Beatrice. These two characters have such obvious difference and I took it upon myself to explore those differences. I pointed out blatant differences, such as Hero’s passiveness, and Beatrice’s aggressiveness. I also wrote about the obvious family relationships in both of the women’s lives, which could have contributed to their differences in personality. I received a ¾ on this post. While, I believe I pointed out interesting facts, I do now realize how I could have received full credit on this post. I think that I could have added more about the deeper connection Hero and Beatrice share. I also could have perhaps explored what the play could have been like without one of them, and how these characters would function with the out the foil.
In my second post I wrote about Malvolio. I examined in this post whether or not Malvolio was going to return with Viola’s clothing, as he was ordered to do. I decided that because of Malvolio’s last lines calling for revenge, and Feste’s raineth song, Malvolio was certainly not going to return. I also received a ¾ on this post. I think that to receive full credit I should have possibly explored Malvolio’s relationship with the other characters more in depth. I think I also could have made this post stronger by further examining Feste’s song. Perhaps Feste’s song could have given a stronger hint than I realized to Malvolio’s fate. All in all, looking back this post was a little weak. I think I needed to use more proof, and it should have been significantly longer.
After examining my previous posts, I learned what I did well, and what I need to work on. I think that I should continue to characterize and examine relationships because I find that interesting and I should write about something that interests me. However, in order to receive full credit on my next post I think I should use more proof to back up my arguments. I should also try to explore my concepts deeper in order to comprehend the text deeper.


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