Midterm Blog Concerning Previous Blogs

Blogging for Shakespeare 1 has been a lot of fun! I think this is due to the nature of writing a blog, as it is a great escape from the formality of academic essay writing. It’s surprising then for me to read that my first blog was thirty six days ago, and that other the last two months of studying I have come up with just two blogs. These two works are the first blogs I have ever written, and its important for me to learn from the mistakes and successes I have had from writing them. Not only for my further success in the course but also for any future writing endeavors I may undertake.

My first blog features 354 words, has a title based of an internet meme and attempts to prove how we should feel bad for Twelfth Nights moody head steward Malvolio. Looking back on the piece with the knowledge of the grade I got for it, I am quite proud of my first effort. Despite the small word count I managed to introduce a quote to support my argument and make my point; that Malvolio’s victimization came to make us the audience feel bad. I make my major point in the introduction of the blog, and while the quote is quite substantial the end of the essay feels unfinished. A further examination of the text would have helped my work, This would help further explain why we should care about the abuse dealt to Malvolio.

My second blog is probably my favorite out of the two, and from the amount of comments made its also other peoples favorite. The blog is longer than my first, at 474 words. It also has a more serious title; “Othello: Some First Impressions” is also more detailed, both in facts and examinations of the text. As a History major, I will always find the background to the plays we study incredibly interesting. Othello: Some First Impressions represents that. My first Paragraph is all about key points I discovered when looking at the plays background; namely the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus. One thing which would improve this section would be to source the facts I found. The sources I used (even If it was just Wikipedia) held a lot more interesting details which I did not use in the blog, I also risk plagiarizing an individuals work by not sourcing the text, which is something no one should ever consider doing.

Paragraph two of the second blog features more of an examination of the text. I discuss the ethnicity of the character of Othello, through the use of the text. I find this examination to be better than that of Blog No:1. I use the quotes better, explaining how they suggest that Othello was black and not just a Muslim. I feel that I could have gone into further development of my final point in the concluding point, that Othello’s ethnicity was not important to the play. This could have been discussed more, perhaps with a further examination of points in the text.

Finally we come to my sign of at the end of each blog. I got the idea to do this when you (Cyrus Mulready) suggested it at the beginning of the year. Having signed of as simply “Alistair Stanley” I think its time to make it more interesting. Maybe I can put in a quote at the end, or do a twist on my name.

Yours sincerely



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