Midterm Blog Post

It’s interesting as a writer to go back and view the blog posts that I have done for this class and see how I’ve come to progress in my idea on the texts, as well as view the nature of love, gender roles, and deception as separate idea in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, and Othello. Even thought the topics of discussion in my blog posts are not synced in a way, I do think that the regard of developing Shakespeare’s most notable characters are enveloped within these constructs and allow for each play in their own integrity to progress further.

Though I will say my first post on A Midsummer Night’s Dream was not as strong as I would have liked it to be, I feel as though I could clarify more on the duality of Helena and Hermia and how they are enveloped in the trickster nature that love is associated within in the play when the supernatural characters end up taking part in the lover’s lives. I give very vague quotes in the blog post as don’t go into much depth in explaining their value to my analysis of the text in regards to love, so I feel that taking tighter quotes and elaborating on my reasoning behind choosing them would help strengthen my first blog post and make it a much more interesting read.

Moving into my post on Twelfth Night, I was completely enamored with Shakespeare’s use of clothing to create a completely separate persona from Viola as well as the focus on gender and the ability to transcend social status with an appropriate disguise. I feel as though I had greatly increased my analysis of the text within this blog post. The length especially is much longer than my first and the quotes chosen are thoroughly explained and I even find myself relating the subject matter of Twelfth Night to the Shakespeare Company itself. Re-reading this blog, the essence of Shakespeare splitting Cesario and Violia into two separate entities in the play ignites a possible research topic on the two characters themselves as well as how the rest of the characters in the play react and fall for the façade that Viola essentially creates out of the news about her brother’s “death”.

Finally, I felt as though I fell a tad flat when writing my post on Othello. When I sat down at the computer to type up the blog post, there were so many aspects of the play that I was interested in talking about and mostly the deception of Iago and the blindness of Othello to Iago’s devious plan became my main claim. But the more I read into Othello and the use of the pier, the more I looked into the language behind the word “Moor”. I just found it hard to incorporate all of these interesting ideas into this one very small blog post. I feel if I had the opportunity to go back and revise my post I would sharp-tune it with a clearer focus rather than trying to incorporate these different associations of the text that appealed to me and smush them all together and make the puzzle complete.

I always enjoy the midterm blog post because it allows me to really think about my past mistakes or weak points in my posts and work towards ideas and outlets that I could potentially bring my future posts into the 4 range. Even though my topics of interest in these plays are very scattered, I want to try and focus on connecting aspects of previous plays in the last few plays that we read, like I had done in my post on Twelfth Night, and ascertain the point of convergence between the plays that we have been reading this semester and hone a greater understanding of the brilliant mastermind that is William Shakespeare.


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