While reading over some of my previous posts, I noticed that in my first blog post I wrote it much like I would write an essay. It was my first time blogging and I put as much detail into it as I could think of (maybe too much), but I was trying to get the hang of it. I gave somewhat of an outline to the reading instead of what my thoughts about the play were. As we progressed through the course I limited some of the detail, but I feel that in doing so some of my posts weren’t as good as they could’ve been. I also noticed that I am interested in knowing all about the details and I question many of the characters motives. In blogging about Much Ado About Nothing I asked “why Don Pedro isn’t seeking a mate for himself?” and “With all this love in the air, where is the love for Don Pedro? Is he content with watching others, or is he a happy bachelor?” When writing about Roderigo of Othello I stated “Roderigo acted as if Desdemona was once his lover, but Othello came and stole her from him, which doesn’t seem to be the case. Why the hatred for Othello because Desdemona was in love with him? Why wasn’t he mad at her instead?” and “I just wonder why so many of Shakespeare’s plays have this “triangle” concept within them. Was it a situation he experienced, or something he witnessed in others relationships?” I’m sure these are questions many others have after reading Shakespeare’s plays, and even though there’s no concrete answer we still ask why? One aspect of blogging that I enjoy is the replies from my peers. Their responses give me another perspective to think about, even if it’s the total opposite of what I wrote or think. Sometimes responses can be complicated because they may cause me to think of even more questions to ask myself. On the positive side, I do think my blogs show my interest in each reading and explain the gist of each story, or at least my interpretation of each story. The bottom line is my blogs are still a work in progress that I’m  trying to get the hang of.


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