The Curious Incident of the Blog in the Daytime.

At first, after receiving this assignment I was nervous. Reading over your past work is never fun, and more often than not, awkward. However, this assignment proved different. Although I had to read over my last three blog posts with a critical eye, I had a chance to see where I have improved and also a chance to plan out future blog posts accordingly.

To start off positively, I feel I have improved in my blogging. My score may have only improved slightly but I can see for myself that the length and quality of the blogs have all improved. They say quality, not quantity, but 257 words for my first blog post is a bit of a joke. I covered the plot device of Viola dressed up as Caesario and how it would have amused the audience to see a young male actor go through so many wardrobe changes in “Twelfth Night”. The blog was short and although I felt the idea itself was good, I did not elaborate enough. I didn’t use any quotes and only used certain instances from the play.

I do love the humor in all of Shakespeare’s plays and this is something I allude to in all of my posts. As “Twelfth Night” is a comedy, I mention the, ‘concrete physical humor’, but don’t pinpoint any scenes. This was a simple mistake but thankfully one I corrected in my next two posts, providing quotes and scenes which inspired me to write about the topics that I chose.

My second post was about “Much Ado About Nothing”, another comedy. The number count went up to 396. I sometimes fixate on the word count rather than the actual topic I should be focusing on, but I’m learning through this post that I should just worry about the quality rather than the quantity. I used more quotes from the text itself which backed up my thoughts on the character of Benedick. The topic I chose was a bit weak I thought, but I felt and I feel now that I backed it up with good quotes from the text and vital scenes of character development.

My final blog post, about “Othello”, was another improvement I thought. The topic I chose, about the folly of the heroes in Shakespeare’s plays and in modern cinema and theater, was perhaps a bit broad and could have been a little less vague. However, again I feel I used quotes from the text and good scenes of character development to good use. I chose scenes form the first Act, which paint Othello in a good light, and from the final two acts which show his descent into madness and jealousy. The post this time, however, might have been a bit too long. Those damn word-counts again!

I really enjoyed this particular assignment as it gave me a chance to look at past mistakes and realise what I have to do to avoid the same mistakes. As someone who wants to be either a teacher, journalist or a best-selling author(don’t we all), it is good to get into the habit of re-checking work later on and for drafting purposes. Hopefully this will help me out in future blog posts and other classes.


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