Midterm Blog Post

This week I would like you to do something a little different for our class blog. Instead of writing in response to the readings, I would like for you to respond to *your own* blog posts–the three posts you have written so far this semester.

Begin by printing and reading all of your posts and comments (you can access them by using the search feature on our blog page). As you reread them, take notes, critically reading your entries as if they were written by somebody else (or at the very least, recognizing that they were written by a different you at a different time).

Compose a short analysis and reflection of your posts. This “meta-post” (a post about posting!) is open-ended and the exact content is up to you, although it should be thoughtful and directed. Feel free to quote briefly from your own posts or to refer to specific ideas from the readings we’ve studied so far.

Some questions to consider might include: What do you usually write about in your posts? Are there broad themes or specific concerns that reoccur in your writing? Has the nature of your posts changed since the beginning of the term? If so, what changes do you notice, and how might you explain those changes? What surprised you as you reread your work? What ideas or threads in your posts do you see as worth revisiting? What do you think your blog posts show about you as a reader of Shakespeare? What aspects of the weekly blogging do you value most, and how does it show up in your posts?