Create Your Own Topic

This option gives you the chance to explore a topic you wrote about or explored in another assignment, or something we discussed in class as the starting point for your own topic. For this option, you might also consider doing another annotation on a different play and using that as your starting place for the paper.

If you choose this option, you will need to expand your original idea through the integration of further research on the topic.  This can include the use of other resources (such as the OED, critical essays, and web resources) or sources that you derive from your own research.

**Please note: If you choose this option, you must also submit a proposal to me at least two weeks before your selected deadline.


Requirement Assignment demonstrates mastery if:
Research (if applicable) and Evidence -If essay involves research, it reflects careful research on the chosen topic.-Passages, phrases and sentences from Shakespeare and the sources are gracefully introduced, analyzed thoroughly, and are generally well-integrated and relevant to the argument of the essay.
Thesis -In the first paragraph, essay presents a clear, provocative thesis that is controversial enough to excite real debate about the paper’s general topic. It is specific and well supported by evidence from the research.
Introduction and Conclusion, -Essay opens and finishes strongly, offering the reader an interesting way of presenting the topic (not simply a restatement of the essay assignment or a vast, unsupportable generalization) and a conclusion that does more than repeat the main points of the paper.
Organization -Essay has a logical flow and progression, with one point leading naturally into the next. Each paragraph explores a key idea in support of the larger thesis. Paragraphs are also coherently organized and developed.
Bibliography and Citation -Essay follows proper MLA citation format (as outlined in the MLA Handbook, 7th Edition).-All sources are cited and included in a list of works cited with entries that are formatted properly.
Grammar, Spell-Checking, and Proof-Reading -Though not necessarily perfect, essay is written with correct grammar and usage, is properly punctuated, and is carefully proofread and spell-checked.
Formatting and Presentation -Essay follows guidelines outlined in Mulready’s Shakespeare Essay Style Guide, and:q  About 5-7 pages

q  Typed and double-spaced

q  12 pt. Font, Times New Roman

q  1 inch margins on top, bottom, left, and right

q  Title (but no title page)

q  Pages Stapled or clipped together


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