Lesson Plan Assignment

Imagine that you are an elementary school, middle-school, or high school teacher preparing to teach one of the plays from our syllabus. Using the one of our plays as a starting point, construct a detailed lesson plan explaining how you would prepare to teach the play for your students.

Your lesson plan should include the following sections:

1)A narrative overview (about three pages in length) explaining why you would choose this play, what issues you would want to highlight in your work with your students, and what your goals and outcomes would be for teaching this play. How would you integrate historical materials, performance, criticism? How would you use and alter the approach we took in class to the materials? Be sure that you are considering the age level of your students in your preparation.

2) An outline showing how you would break down your teaching of the play—how many days would you spend on it? how many reading assignments? What pieces would you try to accomplish each day?

3)At least one class plan or exercise that you would use with your students. Try to be creative in coming up with ways to make Shakespeare accessible to your students. For a model, see the Folger Shakespeare Library web site, which has some great examples of actual classroom exercises for you to use in brainstorming your idea.

4) A bibliography of any materials you refer to in your plan.


Requirement Assignment Demonstrates Mastery If:
Narrative Overview -Lesson plan clearly defines age group/grade level for which the plan is designed and shows an understanding of age appropriate skills and abilities for that group.-Goals for studying the selected play are clearly defined and articulated.-Clearly states how outside materials will be integrated in the plan (performance, historical materials, criticism, etc.)
Individual Class Plan or Exercise -Exercise is creative and well-thought.
-Exercise or individual class plan draws inspiration from research and resources, while making the plan your own.
-Exercise clearly connects to the needs and interests of age group/grade level.
Research -In composing the lesson plan, outside resources, were well- integrated and understood.
-Sources are properly documented and cited using MLA style.
Formatting -Assignment follows guidelines for citing Shakespeare in Mulready’s Shakespeare Style Sheet.
– Typed and double-spaced
-12 pt. Font, Times New Roman
-1 inch margins on top, bottom, left, and right-Title (but no title page)
-Pages Stapled or clipped together