Performance Review Guidelines

Seeing a live performance is one of the best ways to understand Shakespeare’s works and connect with its meanings. If you choose this activity, you will attend the performance and then write a thoughtful review about some aspect of the production (roughly 1-2 pages, double spaced).

You must also hold on to the program from the performance and attach it to your review.

Reviews are due one week after you see the performance. You may repeat this option for your Activities requirement by seeing (and reviewing) more than one production.


Requirement Demonstrates Mastery If…
Review -Review is detailed; it should 1)Describe and discuss some specific elements of the production and its interpretation of the play (costuming, staging, set design, directorial choices, acting choices, props, etc.) and 2)Offer your response and/or judgment of the merits or shortcomings of the production. You might also discuss what seeing the performance helped you learn about the play. What did see in the production that opened something new to you about this play?

-Review is written clearly and is relatively free of mistakes in grammar and punctuation.

Formatting Copy of production program attached to review-1-2 pages, typed and double-spaced-12 pt. Font, Times New Roman

-1 inch margins on top, bottom, left, and right

-Pages Stapled or clipped together