Scene Analysis Presentation

For this option you will present a video clip of a scene from one of our plays, along with a brief analysis (no longer than 10 minutes) of the scene. You can choose to use one of the videos from our library’s considerable collection of Shakespeare films or a clip from YouTube or other online video archive (check out Global Shakespeares, for instance, a resource that has clips from Shakespeare performances around the world). The clip should be short (no longer than five minutes. If you are interested in this choice but are having a hard time locating a clip or selection, please talk to me and I will offer some suggestions.

In your presentation to the class, point out aspects of the interpretation that you found particular interesting, problematic, maddening, or enlightening. You should also prepare a question or two to ask the class about the clip you have prepared.

This Activity may be done with a partner as a collaboration.


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