Schedule of Readings and Assignments

Week 1: (No Blogging this Week)

Tues. Jan. 21—Introductions

Fri. Jan. 24—The Rape of Lucrece, “The Argument” and Lines 1-742 (links to reading questions)
Link to a copy of the reading (for those of you having trouble getting the book!)

Week 2: (Stratford Bloggers)

Tues. Jan. 28—The Taming of the Shrew, Inductions 1 and 2 and Act I (Notes for this Class)

Fri. Jan. 31—Taming of the Shrew, Acts II and III (Notes for this Class)

Weekly Scribes: Irene, Coleen, and Michelle

Week 3: (Eastcheap Bloggers)

Tues. Feb. 4—Taming of the Shrew, Acts IV and V (Notes for this Class)

Fri. Feb. 6—Stephen Greenblatt, “Wooing, Wedding, and Repenting,” from Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare (Notes for this Class)

Weekly Scribes: Mallory, Ariana, and Sean

Week 4: (No Blogging this Week)

Tues. Feb. 11—Romeo and Juliet, Act I (Notes for this Class)

Fri. Feb. 14—Romeo and Juliet, Acts II and III  Class Canceled Due to Snow

Weekly Scribes: Zac, Dana, and Courtney (Responsible for Feb. 11 and 18 Classes)

Week 5: (Stratford Bloggers)

Tues. Feb. 18—Romeo and Juliet, Acts II and III (Notes for this Class (scroll down the page for acts two and three))

Fri. Feb. 21—Romeo and Juliet, Acts IV and V

Research Review Due in Class

Weekly Scribes: Shayna, Pam, and Parag (Responsible for Feb. 21 and 25 Classes)

Week 6: (Eastcheap Bloggers)

Tues. Feb. 25—Richard II, Act I and King James, “On Divine Right of Kings”

Fri. Feb. 28—Richard II, Acts II and III

Weekly Scribes: Dea, Vincent, and Michael Cohen (Responsible for Feb. 28 and March 4 Classes)

Week 7: (Stratford Bloggers)

Tues. March 4—Richard II, Acts  IV and V

Fri. March 7—1 Henry IV, Acts I and II

Weekly Scribes: Maria, Margaret, and Amanda Wolfer (Responsible for March 7 and 11 Classes)

Week 8: (Eastcheap Bloggers)

Tues. March 11—1 Henry IV, Acts IV and V

Fri. March 14—1 Henry IV, Act V

Weekly Scribes: Michael Drago, Grace, and Alex (Responsible for March 14 and March 25 Classes)

SPRING BREAK (March 17-21)

Week 9: (No Blogging this Week):

Tues. March 25—2 Henry IV Selections: Act IV, Scene 3 (Death of Henry IV) and Act V, Scene 5 (Banishment of Falstaff)

Fri. March 28—Henry V, Acts I and II | No Seated Class Today: Submit to Prof. Mulready by e-mail responses to the reading questions (either individually or in groups no larger than four) and a brief summary of your discussion of this clip from Henry V.

Week 10: (BOTH Groups Blog this week in response to this prompt. Posts due by Wednesday, 5:00)

Tues. April 1—Henry V, Acts III-IV

Fri. April 4—Henry V, Act V

Weekly Scribes: Amanda Mastrantone, Laurie, Cassandra

Week 11: (Stratford Bloggers)

Tues. April 8—King Lear, Acts I and II

Fri. April 11—No Class: Writing Project Due Date, Option #1 OR Proposals for Options #2 or #3 Due

Weekly Scribes: Victoria, Jessica, Rob (Responsible for April 8 and April 20 Classes)

Week 12: (Eastcheap Bloggers–posts due this week by Wednesday at 5:00)

Tues. April 15—Passover Break (NO CLASS)

Fri. April 20—King Lear, Acts III and IV

Week 13: (Stratford Bloggers)

Tues. April 22—King Lear, Act V

Fri. April 25—Macbeth, Acts I and II and “Politics and Religion” in Bedford Companion, pp. 303-31

Weekly Scribes: Giulia, Patricia, Alexa

Week 14: (Eastcheap Bloggers):

Tues. April 29—Macbeth, Acts III and IV

Fri. May 2— Macbeth, Act V
Writing Project Due Date, Option #2

Weekly Scribes: Elise Bruce, Veronica Baran

Week 15:

Tues. May 6—Last Day of Class—Revisions Due

Final Exam—Tuesday, May 13, 12:30